Project Medusa

Alright so this is a genuine blog post, not a project document masquerading as a blog post.

I'm really liking the direction that I'm heading in, and the format of my submission to the Physics Review Letters. Short and to the point, good for a TL;DR of the theory itself, which should contain derivations and the real mathematics.

I want to keep up in this regard and cover three subjects with these quick submissions:

  • The Blain Laboratory (almost done)
  • Q-Time and DeBroglie Wavelengths - a Q-Clock
  • Q-Gravity using the Blain Laboratory, Q-Time, and DeBroglie Wavelengths all tied together
I **might** be able to do the 2nd one without reference to equations yet but it's getting dodgy.  I'd very much like to figure out all the mathematics of the Blain Laboratory if I can, right down to the Lagrangians, whatever those are.

Once I'm done with all of these, with the mathematical support, I'll have an extremely solid foundation to build up into them from a Quantum Mechanical base, rewritten using the fundamentals of Q-Gravity.  One nice big solid physical theory...

.. but that's all in the future. Right now I need to focus on the Blain Laboratory and maybe (so I don't get bored) the Q-Clock Submission.

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