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I've figured out the problem with blogging versus twitting. Blog entries require TITLES. It's not stream of consciousness if you have to give it a title.

ANYway, whatever.  If anyone ever reads this, I will NOT be blogging this frequently in the future. More likely once a week.

So, I'm trying to decide what content I should start putting on the channel. I'd like to put something up soon, to get started. I'm dragging my heels waiting for Fiverr.com stuff, so that I may properly brand my videos. I'm torn between pushing ahead per "PRODUCE OR PERISH" and the need to brand the videos properly. I think I'll probably wait. "Produce or Perish" is blind and doesn't care what you do as long as you do, but Yang is cleverer and knows that it may pay to wait sometimes. The trick is to know when your 'waiting' is merely an excuse for Yin to drag you down.

So that's it then, I'll wait for proper branding. Currently I'm waiting for an "outro" song from one guy who seems pretty talented. It occurs to me that I can use the interim to actually build the content for the first video.

The next question is: what shall that content be?

Oooh, dinner..

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