Now what?

SO .. this blog is supposed to be an extension of my twit, but I seem to be freezing up. I've gotten comfortable with the twit slowly but surely. It became a stream of consciousness; my brain just producing output out "loud" as opposed to being locked in my head. I imagine it will happen here too; I just need practice.

What better place to get started practicing than to talk about my immediate plans for the future. Fortunately, unlike that damned twit, I have no character limit here and so I can talk as much as I need. I've decided to put this whole gravity theory-generation thing into high gear; grab the proverbial football and charge towards the end zone.

First I'll draw together the foundational material I'm using to guide and motivate my own self-development:
  • Produce or Perish: I got the idea from a brilliant article on Cracked.com by a fellow named David Wong. The address is - http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-harsh-truths-that-will-make-you-better-person/
  • The Art of War by SunTzu: A set of ancient Chinese military documents. Although the focus is war, the concepts can be applied to conflict in general.
  • A chat I had with a 17 year old Brazilian kid while wandering depression chatrooms one night a few years ago, that flipped my point of view 180 degrees.
I'll talk about these foundations in more detail later, whenever the mood strikes me, unless I decide not to or if I forget. I don't like to talk about the last one too much, but I'm beginning to think I have no choice but to make my private life a bit more public if I'm going to release this theory of gravity of mine.
Upcoming stages include the following:
  • Learning the basics: I've using the YouTube channel to go back over everything Wenhao (my Quantum Mechanics tutor) has taught me
  • Learning the basics Part II: I want to really drill into my head the basic stuff, so I'll be going over materials the Wenhao maybe didn't cover because they're not relevant to QM, but which are important for my theory. (For example, I want to study General Relativity for the math, even though I believe the model is wrong.)
  • Physical Experiments: I want to produce real experiments showing the stuff I'm learning, where possible.
  • Production of a brand; I've decided to call it "Everything you know about gravity is wrong". A bit obvious, sure, but I hired this UK girl on fiverr.com to do an attention-grabbing intro and she really sells it.
All of this is primarily within the YouTube channel. I'll continue to use my twit for self-improvement and this blog as the "subsoil" underneath the YouTube channel (though it will be a blog in its own right as a "bigger" version of my twit).

Some things I want to mention in particular that I'd like to cover on the YouTube channel but don't fit into the above categories:
  • A video discussing Thomas S. Kuhn's article on scientific revolutions. This will be important to motivate my complete overhaul of physics. I may have to present it first, so that I can persuade the scientifically savvy members of the audience to stay.
  • A video on the nature of time based on that book I read, introducing theories and concepts of time.
  • Maybe some coverage of Feynmann's lectures, or maybe not. That would be interesting but it doesn't directly play into the goal of the channel.
Signing out! I need to go to bed at some reasonable time..

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