The Future History of this Channel

I'm blanking on ideas so I'm just going to blather.

Following is a general map of the subjects I learned that I want to turn into videos to produce for YouTube. The subjects were originally taught to me in the course of about 28 one and a half hour sessions, totalling about 42 hours (I swear that's just a coincidence).

Getting 42 hours' worth of material into several videos on the web will be a challenge, so I'm going to present them in the fashion of knowlettes. Each knowlette won't be the presentation of an entire suite of ideas, but solitary bubbles of knowledge, a single idea that is important to absorb to add to the audience's tool-set. I could add other knowlettes that don't present single ideas in themselves, but tie together a bunch of separate knowlettes.

And BAM this is the perfect thing to talk about for the next video. I can describe this knowlette-style production method and tie it into the whole metamyth structure, where the knowlettes are each like small tools that the "hero" needs to pick up to complete his quest. My next video will be a sort of; "Your mission, should you choose to accept it" style.

I could turn the above map into a funky adventurer's map, like you'd see on pirate treasure-hunting game. That would break it down into smaller subjects, and then I could break it down one more level into the individual knowlettes. I'll make those up as I go along however, to make it easier for me to figure out.

As much as I like this, I still need to know the NEXT STEP. This is all vague right now.

Okay fine. So, I think the next step should be the motivation for the journey. Why learn quantum mechanics? What has it got to do with my life?

I think I'll start with a strictly philosophical video discussing my own point of view: why it's fun to be correct. How to choose what to believe in? I'll have to apologize to the religious folks out there but it'll make it easier for me to speak engagingly on camera. I could mention my talks with Wenhao, and how I explicitly advised him that I wanted to be taught Quantum Mechanics without diluting it with my own ideas of gravity.

This is a good segue into talking about personal bias. Personal bias dilutes truth, usually to such a degree that one can no longer separate the truth from the bias.

I'm running out of time but I LOVE this, because it leads me directly into talking about Normal Science (as defined by Thomas Kuhn) and scientific regimes, and from there I can dive into revolutions. First I'll discuss the revolution of Quantum Mechanics, which overthrew the Classical regime, and then I can discuss how modern science is attempting to push through with Normal Science to meld gravity and quantum mechanics (i.e. by inventing string theory, quantum gravity, gravitons, etc.)

Finally, this first (what is shaping up to be a) chapter can end with my ideas on a new idea for how gravity works, based on an idea that must overthrow much of the current cosmological regime to be accepted, though it leaves much of quantum mechanics untouched.

Okay, I think I can start construction of the knowlettes (and YouTube videos!) here. It will be like writing a regular presentation, for this one "chapter".

Heck with it, I don't need the map yet for this chapter, and I want to save it for later anyway, to take play in the metamyth's "Meeting with the Goddess".

Til next time .....

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